The 8th Alberta Cup Nanjing Forestry University 2021 International Home Furnishing Design Competition Guideline

Alberta Cup Home Furnishing Design Competition follows the concept of "Design for People's Living and Life". The world's rapid population growth and fast economic development drive a growing demand for wood products. The development of engineered wood strand panel products, such as oriented strand board (OSB), plays an increasingly important role in making more efficient use of limited forest resources. This competition aims to promote the use of OSB materials and Aspen wood materials in all aspects of home space. It also promotes the development of custom furniture design and enhances the exchange and cooperation between design enthusiasts and enterprises.


1.  Organization


Chinese Society of Forestry

Natural Resources Canada

China National Forest Products Industry Association

Government of Alberta, Canada

Alberta Innovates


College of Furnishings and Industrial Design, Nanjing Forestry University

Dehua TUBAO Decoration New Material Co., Ltd

Furniture and Integrated Furnishings Branch of Chinese Society of Forestry

Norbord Inc.

Alberta Aspen Innovation Center(AAIC)


2.  Competition Category 

The competition is divided into college group and professional group. College group: college furniture (interior) design related students; professional group: enterprise or design studio designers, freelance designers. The competition is organized in such a way to ensure fair competition for all participants.


3.  Work Category 

1. Product Category: wardrobe design, kitchen cabinet design, rabbit element small furniture

2. Home Decoration Category: villa design, mansion design, apartment design, model house design


4.  Submission Requirements 

1. In principle, the subject matter and content of submitted works are not restricted, but they must be original and shall not infringe other people's copyright and other related rights.


2. Participants shall submit the application documents in the form of compressed package to the official website of "Alberta Cup" Home Furnishing Design Competition or the designated e-mail address of the competition. When uploading your work, please choose the category of college group or professional group. Submission will be invalid after the deadline.

The compressed package contains application form and design documents.

File name: ALBERTA CUP - type (product category, home decoration category) + work name + author name

Example: ALBERTA CUP - product category - Laowulaoshilao Wardrobe - Chaohuang Hong

3. Application form, design documents and related materials download: website of TUBAO designer Center: Or "Alberta Cup" And TuBao Home Furnishing International Design Competition official website: The design document requires that the work effect map, structure drawing, design description (Chinese and English bilingual), 3D view and size, layout in 1 horizontal layout (organizers provide standard, file format JPG, resolution of 300dpi, file size generally not more than 5M). Please submit your entry compression pack early to avoid delivery failure due to peak deadline submissions.

Note: The organizer will conduct a formal review of the materials and incomplete, incorrect or non-compliant information (e.g. incomplete application form, incorrect naming of the work) will be considered invalid or void. The organizer reserves the right to disqualify any applicant who fails to submit the full application materials or submits the application materials that do not meet the requirements.


5.  Award Setting 

College Group :(Product Category)

First Prize (1 winner): RMB 10,000 + certificate + trophy;

Second Prize (2 winners): RMB 8,000 + certificate + trophy;

Third Prize (3 winners): RMB 6,000 + certificate + trophy;

Excellent Design Award (24 winners): RMB 2,000 + certificate;

Network Popularity Award (1): RMB 2,000 + certificate;

Excellent Tutor Award (6 winners): the tutors of the top three entries in the final will receive the same honor and bonus.

Excellent Organization Award (3 winners): RMB 2,000 + certificate;


Professional Group :(Product Category, Home Decoration Category)

Master Aesthetics Award (1 winner): RMB 30,000 + autographed certificate + trophy;

First Prize (1 winner): RMB 20,000 + certificate + trophy;

Second Prize (2 winners): RMB 10,000 + certificate + trophy;

Third Prize (3 winners): RMB 8,000 + certificate + trophy;

Excellent Design Award (11 winners): RMB 2,000 + certificate;

Network Popularity Award (1 winner): RMB 2,000 + certificate;

Excellent Design Institution Award (3 winners): RMB 2,000 + certificate;

Outstanding Contribution Award (3 winners): RMB 2,000 + certificate;

Note: the above award cash amount refers to the pre-tax amount, participants should pay taxes in accordance with national laws.

Competition enabling: the award-winning designers will be recommended to major professional media (Sina Home Furnishing, Tencent Home Furnishing) for special interviews or special reports. The competition organizing committee and TUBAO will also conduct special reports through the media to maximize the promotion and display of their design achievements.


6.  Competition Schedule 

1. Collection of works: April 15, 2021 - August 31, 2021 (deadline)

2. Preliminary evaluation of works: 30 works from the college group and 18 works from the professional group will be selected in September 2021.

(The design source documents and PPT of works interpretation shall be submitted after shortlisted.)

3. Tutor competition: From September 21 to October 15, 2021, a tutor group will be set up to teach in different classes after the college group has selected the entries. The instructors will coach the shortlisted finalists to further optimize their works in preparation for the final competition.

4. Final evaluation: In October 2021, judges will re-evaluate the works submitted by all the finalists, judge their PPT presentations, and score all the works based on the comprehensive consideration of originality, functional quality, intelligentization, appearance modeling, process and structural design, and ease of industrial production.

5. Award ceremony: October 2021


7.  Contact Information 

Organizing Committee of "Alberta Cup" International Home Furnishing Design Competition

Professor Chen of Nanjing Forestry University: 13813807277

Professor Yu from the organizing committee of the competition: 15257235307 (same as WeChat, fill in to indicate: apply for "Alberta Cup" selection)

Address: Dehua TUBAO Decoration New Material Co., Ltd., No. 588, Linxi street, Deqing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province

"Alberta Cup" International Home Furnishing Design Competition official website:

Official email of Design Competition Organizing Committee:

Special Statement: This competition does not charge any fees such as registration fee, judging fee, promotion fee, etc.

This competition is a sincere cooperation between China and Canada. It follows the principle of "Fairness, Openness and Justice". It is open to designers, college design students and decoration and related design practitioners. It aims to create a competition with higher specifications, wider influence, and greater social benefits to promote interaction and exchange and enhance professional standard within the industry.

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